Technology will keep you in the game
By Adrian Hobbs

For many years now I have religiously preached the message that "technology will keep you in the game". After watching the England v Germany world cup game, most unbelievers would have come to the same conclusion. The staunchest supporters of the ‘pure (without technology) game', led by Sepp Blatter himself, have come round to mumbling something about having a "debate on goal-line technology".

My message, however, has never been "technology is all you need". Consider the Business Link website that ate up £105 million in three years – that's a staggering £35 million per year. If technology consumes so much and yields so little then Sepp might be justified in his reservations.

However, if technology improves a business process and saves time (and therefore employment costs) then I'm all for it. A powerful example of effective technology is the online Applicant Tracking System (ATS) we have developed at FlexPlus. The many side effects of the recession make this technology all the more imperative for companies that are, or will be recruiting. With industry forecasts predicting that as many as 200 people will be applying for each vacancy you advertise, the only way to manage this flurry of CV's effectively will be with an Applicant Tracking System.

The ATS has a built-in candidate call log and email facility, and because it's all online it eliminates phone response traffic and also allows you to see all your candidates in one place. Further, you can make notes on each candidate that interests you, for quick reference, and create your own shortlist of candidates to interview. CV's are also delivered to the ATS in electronic format which eliminates bulk paper CV's and dramatically improves efficiency. All these features and many more are accessible 24/7 and from anywhere in the world because of the ATS's internet functionality.

The price for this technology (that will definitely keep you in the game) - free @ Flex. The ATS comes as standard with our DIY and Fixed Fee recruitment packages.

Would technology have kept Rooney and co. in the game? I believe the answer to this question is definitely yes! At 2-2, we may have taken the Germans. And that's my patriotic bit for the week.

Added: 14th July 2010