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Mental Toughness Expert
By John Dabrowski

John is an inspirational trainer/speaker/coach with a creative ‘can do’ approach complemented by an energetic and enthusiastic style. He has played basketball at professional and international level and uses powerful analogies from both the sporting and business world to inspire and achieve positive change.

He has also acquired an excellent working knowledge of sales, marketing, advertising and client service. A people-orientated leader, gaining positive results in ever changing market places, with a successful track record enabling teams to achieve high performance.

John has a wealth of personal development techniques and tools built up over the years. From low confidence teenager to current British record holder for most points scored in a single match. His successful and popular inspirational ‘Mental Toughness for the Challenging Times’ presentation which demonstrates techniques to help individuals thrive in the current business climate is proving to be a real winner.

He's a qualified NLP Practitioner and Coach who integrates these powerful techniques with his significant experience to help people remove their personal limits and provide the tools to control their mind and ultimately achieve their goals.

Specialties: Mental Toughness, Advanced Communication Skills, Human Relations, Body Language, Goal Setting, Time Management, Positive Mind Set Development, Confidence Techniques and Sales.

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