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Consumers don't want to have better relationships with brands; rather, they want experiences that are relevant to their needs; content that is meaningful to them; and information that has an immediate utility. Successful brands deliver this marketing via a variety of means, few of which rely solely on the communications outbound from marketing departments. Smart businesses marshall the resources across the enterprise in order to succeed.

I work with individuals and organizations that enable such succeses.

The Baskinbrand Alliance is a global network of like-minded business and marketing experts who gather to offer agnostic, custom solutions to the unique needs of clients. Engagements can range from one-time workshops to multi-week projects, but only involves the skills necessary to each project. The Alliance has established relationships with individuals and organizations with deep experience in:

  • Data analytics & business intelligence
  • CRM, EMM & MRM
  • eCommerce strategy and digitial design/campaign management
  • Web design & bespoke software development (iPhone apps, et al)
  • Alternate reality gaming
  • Creating & operationalizing social media


I've spoken at conferences and workshops around the world over the past year on such topics as:

  • "A new realism in marketing: What they're not telling you about 2010"
  • "Action-based brands: measure reality, and drive real profits"
  • "How to get your consumers to stop wanting your products and start needing them"
  • "Why every corner of your company should help you deliver your brand"
  • "After conversation: operational relevance as social media's next step"


Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs
Is text the stealth multimedia tool? Can conversations really restore brand reputations? Could we learn more from nearly-great ideas? What did 2009 really tell us about what to expect in 2010? I studied over 500 companies and analyzed 260 essays to distill 9 key trends to watch, and then developed 86 tactics that you could put to work in your business tomorrow. Throw in about 100 of the best Dim Bulb essays for nuance and chuckles, and this book could qualify as the most illuminating and entertaining read of the year.

Branding Only Works on Cattle
If people don't pay more for well-known brands anymore, why do we keep acting as if there's nothing wrong with our very premise and definitions? This book outlines a new approach to branding -- based on behaviors -- and explicitly explores ways to make advertising more effective, social media more relevant to business results, and tools for enabling internal teams to get more done. The Economist called it "savage and witty," and Publisher's Weekly dubbed me "a merry iconoclast." Do you dare never looking at brands the same way again?

Getting in touch is easy.

There are a lot of ways for you to access what I'm thinking and talking about these days:

My blog, Dim Bulb
My tweets, @jonathansalem
My books, Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs, and Branding Only Works on Cattle

More importantly, however, is that I'd like to hear from you, whether on a topic or idea for an essay or my next book, or an inquiry about a speaking opportunity or consulting need.

You can email me on [email protected].

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