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John Dabrowski - Contact Details, Products & Services

John is an inspirational speaker who is available to speak on any of the areas listed below.

The profession of coaching has enjoyed enormous growth in the past several years for one simple reason – it works! At jdmindcoach we help individuals and teams to improve their thinking, performance and ultimately their results.

For this to happen it helps to have a coach who is experienced, trained and understands the environments that they are called to work in - John Dabrowski is that man.

As a qualified NLP practitioner and NLP coach John has enjoyed success in both a professional sporting and executive business career and has now turned his hand to enabling others to unlock their full potential!

These are some of the areas we specialise in:

  1. Developing Mental Toughness
  2. Improving Individual Performance
  3. Performing Well Under Pressure
  4. Developing Public Speaking Confidence
  5. Cultivating Positive Thinking
  6. Creating Powerful Business Goals
  7. Maintaining Work/Life Balance
  8. Maximising Team Performance
  9. Developing and Maintaining Motivation
  10. Increasing Communication Skills
  11. Learning Self Management
  12. Creating Team Synergy
  13. Reducing Anxiety and Stress
  14. Improving Time Management

Our support can be delivered on a one to one basis or through one of our range of performance workshops.

For further details, or to arrange a free consultation with John Dabrowski please contact him via:

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07792 982848

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