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Jackie Dunn - Contact Details, Products & Services


Laburnum Cottage
Sysonby Lodge Mews
Nottingham Road
Melton Mowbray

Skype: jackiedunnfinancial

Phone: 07973 895 750

Jackie’s Expertise

► Financial ‘C4 TV expert’ – holistic and without financial advice
► Emotional intelligence
► Ability to listen deeply and come up with solutions whether financial or a personal issue
► Empowerment either 1-1 client or group
► Reach a sigh of relief from problems stopping client ‘flow’
► Sitting between Martin Lewis and Alvin Hall in trying to place expertise
► Attaining and Retaining clients
► How to charge fees and increase revenue
► Overcoming client objections
► How to be a business owner, using tips from 23+ yrs expereience

Making Friends With Money & Evolution Financial Coaching Services

► 1-1 coaching
► Group coaching
► Workshops
► Talks
► Deliver 4 chapters of recent book ‘Clearly Having Fun With Finances’
► Teaching finances to individuals and groups – cutting through the jargon to a place of understanding
► FREE Newsletters via website

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