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John Dabrowski - Client Comments

“John was hired as the keynote speaker at the East Yorkshire Business Expo 2012 - and what a great choice he turned out to be. “John is a genius, with an intuitive understanding of humour and human nature, backed up by many years of advanced training and experience in NLP and motivation gained through his sporting and business experience and achievements. He's a master of the platform, and a great motivator and leader. He's funny, friendly, inspirational and totally engaging.” I would not hesitate in recommending John’s work or John as an individual. I feel blessed to know him and will certainly be working with him again.”

Nic Gough MD and Event Organiser

 “John has the ability to capture his audience from the start, throughout his presentation you are with him all the way. You are taken along a journey, which at the end becomes the start of your journey. He motivates you to reach for goals that previously were out of reach - Now they are well within your grasp. He teaches how to look on everything as a positive step forward. Without doubt exceptional in his field. Julian.”

Julian Minshall

“John gave an inspirational talk at the Yorkshire EXPO about Mental Toughness. I found the talk moving, engaging and motivating. In this talk John exposed elements of his own life and that of others to draw parallels between the world of sport and mental toughness. The message of the talk was clear and poignant. Thank you John”

Sankie Evans

“I was delighted to attend john's keynote speech at the Brantingham Business Expo October 3rd 2012. John's speech on mental toughness was engaging because it was very different to so many speeches on similar themes. The overall tone was one of humility and integrity. It is rare that motivational speakers manage both inspire and charm with honesty and modesty. John pulls it off.”

Mark Luscombe

“I am delighted to recommend John as an inspirational speaker from the East Riding Expo event, October 2012. This was my first experience of John's skills as a speaker and I found him excellent in his presentation; he was extremely personable and creative in his delivery. I am sure everyone in the room was inspired by his story. Thanks John.”

Victoria Austin

“I had the pleasure of hearing John talk at the East Yorkshire Business Expo this week and found him to be truly inspirational. Easy to listen to and relate to. I would highly recommend anyone to go to one of his talks.”

Liz Ewing

“Members of the Academy for Chief Executives’ Directors Forum Group 2 enjoyed a very interactive and useful session with John Dabrowski on “Mental Toughness for Executives – Success Strategies for Tough Times” on Friday. John has played basketball for the England team and had been a successful sports coach, and he introduced us to some very practical techniques for building our confidence and mental resilience in potentially stressful situations. The members loved the session and gave it an overall score of almost 9 out of 10. I will use John again with other groups.”

Peter Pritchett
Chairman Academy for Chief Executives (ACE)
Director Group 2

"John provides a stimulating and interactive session on coaching methods and self-awareness. His story telling from his professional basketball days are intriguing. His sessions are high energy but also provide time for reflection with a variety of exercises and relevant stories."

Peter Hills
Chairman Academy for Chief Executives (ACE 18)

"John brings his insights from the world of basketball to bring great value to a session on visioning. His charm and sincerity make him an engaging character."

Alan Dean
Chairman Academy for Chief Executives (ACE 19)

“John delivered a fun and well-structured session to our Academy of Chief Executives business group. He had a great presence and took the group through some fantastic NLP techniques. His delivery style was self-motivational and held our group with his total relaxation techniques. This is the most memorable coaching session for a long time and left our group full of confidence and totally relaxed. The basketball spinning was truly amazing.”

Andy North
Member Chief Executives Group (ACE 20)

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