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Steve Jobs, it’s not what you think…
By Stephen Megson

its how you think!

If Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple and probably one of the most inspirational leader of our time stood for anything, it must be innovation.

The Steve Jobs Legacy

Apple Mac changed the publishing business virtually overnight when they developed a way journalists could set their own pages, removing the need for typesetters.

Apple changed the way we listen to music, rank artists in the charts with iPods, and iTunes.

Apple changed the way we use mobile phones with the iPhone, a multifunctional personal… err… everything!

The iPad is transforming the way people view the internet.

Steve Jobs, a great leader, is set to continue leading the way with a bank of four years worth of innovation in the pipeline. However, it wasn’t so long ago, when Steve Jobs was removed from Apple the share price plummeted.

People got Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs was Apple.

But like any great leader, he designed himself out of the proposition at the same time as strengthening its future. Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011.

Added: 10th October 2011

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