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Sitting on the fence is a RISKY thing to do
By Jackie Dunn

This was an overwhelming success when I presented this module at a recent LIVE event. Given mostly to Finance for Women.. And whilst I have your attention - take a look at - it’s another way of HAVING more money

When we think that we have everything in order, that our finances (and other aspects of our lives) are running smoothly. I don’t know about you, but for me, it indicates that I may well be missing something quite vital. Finance for Women (and men) has a blind-side can be a tricky little blighter, that’s for sure and it costs us money.

Do you ever feel that keeping ‘safe’ is attained by not making changes with your bank and building society accounts? Like most of us, we have busy lives and implement some discipline would help us. We could diary-note to check the bank/electricity ates, say, every 3 months or so. 6 months at the latest!

What if it’s our inertia that helps to make the banks so rich - that shows their profits so huge, even in these days of economic downtowns. ….. and a word of warning here. Especially in the UK as I don’t know how it is abroad. When we visit our bank or other financial institution - for the most part they are sales people. The ‘advisers’ and bank tellers have targets to reach so that THEIR income is secure.

So, we need to be aware when asked ‘to see an adviser’ …. Just be aware that they will be selling and it is up to us (me included). For us to be awake enough to listen and consider what they are offering. And really to go away and think about what’s on offer. After all, this is NOT a pair of shoes that are being sold.

  You see - emotion sells. How do I know? Like you and your friends, when I’m upset, I want to have a ‘fix’. We want the pain to go away, whether it’s the mortgage company demanding our next payment or our children whining at our sides, they wear us down. The problem is wearing us down and we feel less than vital.
When we feel forced into making decisions - the baby under your arm, the phone ringing, and your partner demanding that you need to ‘sign this’ adds to our stresses. And the lack of clarity will catch us out one day. Doing nothing costs us a fortune!

We want to feel safe and we don’t want the hassle. And I don’t know about you, but most of us don’t read the paperwork or even concern ourselves about the small print.

The same goes for changing our gas and electricity providers ….. not to mention mobile phones. It’s so easy to do a comparison check these days. We feel the pain of the high charges and we feel the pain of not having sufficient money to do what we want to do. Why does all this seem to overwhelm us?

I guess the modern day life, complex paperwork and we often assume our parnter will take care of things …… and we know it in our heart, that we are taking easy way out. We want a bit of peace.

It really does not have to be hard work. Or Scary! Perhaps you and a friend could pair-up and help each other if you are not so confident on trying this yourself. I love the ripple effect that this provides, that means we spread the news and learnings up and down generations and sideways, too.

CELEBRATE your gains…
Your profits when you take action. Action is a verb - for DOING something. Have a coffee. A whoop of JOY or something to remind yourself that YOU are in the drivers seat of your life.

We can get so caught up with being complacent and making excuses …. And I make excuses, too. We fool ourselves when we are not taking responsibility. And that’s ok - we’re humans living a busy life, and a lot of people are doing the same thing. Until we need to take in the reality check that really needs to be approached at some time in your lives.

So, could you speak to a friend/colleague about the piece I’ve here, and decide (dare) to take action and run a competition to see who is saving the most money.?

Email me your results [email protected] or ring 01664 482 665/ 07973 895 750.

Added: 27th November 2012

Jackie, is widely known to be a straight-talking intuitive, getting to the core of the problems that is stopping others reaching their full potential.


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