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Oxford FC Pink Bull turns into a Purple Cow?
By Stephen Megson

When an act of vandalism makes headline news nationally you'd imagine it would be of huge significance to the country. So how does a statue of a bull outside Oxford United Football Club, sprayed pink by vandals, become national news?

Seth Godin wrote a fantastic book called Purple Cow, in it he claims we must make the ordinary, extraordinary, to succeed in business today. I agree.

Why Purple Cow?

Everyone gets used to seeing the same old thing. If asked to describe a cow, the majority would respond with 'black and white'. Passing a field of Friesians isn't extraordinary because it's the same old thing. But if one was purple you'd be sure to notice it. It's more than likely you'd tell friends about this phenomenon - and Seth's point is made.

What makes your business worth talking about?

Congratulations to Oxford United FC public relations team, they have got everyone talking about them. How? Well it turns out they are using the vandalised statue as a focal point to raise awareness and collect donations for a Breast Cancer charity.

Now you could argue it was rather convenient. The shade was just too perfect a match for the 'Race for Life' pink we all visually associate with the Breast Cancer charity.

Whether it's a clever PR stunt or turning a mindless act of vandalism into an opportunity, it's definitely a PR coup.

Word of mouth - isn't this how you started in businesses?

People must know about you and what you do, if they are to even think about buying from you.

Which means there's no better way to generate interest than to be interesting, do something a little different, get people talking.

  • So what's happening?
  • What can you make happen?
  • How can you excite and engage your target audience and get people talking about your business?

The link doesn't even have to be relevant to what you do.

We can help you find your Purple Cow - no bull!

If you want great ideas on how to get people talking about your business then get in touch.

We'll be happy to point out what makes your company extraordinary.

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Added: 26th January 2011

Stephen Megson is the Managing Directory of Quiet Storm. They lead the way in the delivery of B2B sales and marketing solutions for small & medium sized businesses. Find out more about Quiet Storm and their free marketing workshop to explain the science and help you plan your sales process.


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