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Need More Sales?
By Stephen Megson

Then say good bye to knee-jerk sales and marketing!

If you want your business to be more successful it needs to be marketing driven and have a systematised sales process.

How does a systemised sales and marketing process help?

If you have a systemised sales and marketing process it means you continually listen to your customers and adapt your offer to be in tune with what they want, when they want it.

Truly great businesses are continually consulting with their customers to find out what they want and to find ways of giving it to them.

They don’t do this when they feel like it, they have systems and processes for gathering this information.

Do you have a system for doing this?

Do you understand the psychology of the buyer?

If you do you can apply the science of persuasion, based upon years of research; what colours to use, which style of copy works best, etc.

The research is well documented and the processes and systems – there are lots of them – are freely available through thousands of business guru ‘how to..’ books. So this form of marketing is available to you.

If you don't understand the psychology of the buyer?

You are probably spending more than you need to on generating enquiries and acquiring sales.

Do you really want to become a sales & marketing expert?

The truth is, if you are busy running your business you have enough on your work load without becoming an expert in sales and marketing – you just want to know the best way to generate enquiries and close sales.

Quiet Storm specialise in sales and marketing – we have studied the past 100 years of advertising, psychology and process driven marketing. We know what works and have created Storming, a systematic approach to sales and marketing which is guaranteed to increase sales or your money back.

Specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses

The Storming products and services have the science of persuasion built in, explain the psychology of the buyer and are guaranteed to work or you get your money back.

The Storming principles to provide you with the most effective sales and marketing solution that meets your objectives within the resources you have available.

If you want to know how to increase sales, then you can attend a free workshop to find out more.

Added: 14th October 2011

Stephen Megson is the Managing Directory of Quiet Storm. They lead the way in the delivery of B2B sales and marketing solutions for small & medium sized businesses. Find out more about Quiet Storm and their free marketing workshop to explain the science and help you plan your sales process.


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