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How many opportunities are you missing out on because you don't understand marketing?
By Stephen Megson

Marketing makes the phone ‘ring’, the door bell ‘ding’ and the email ‘ping’! It’s about the generation of high quality enquiries.

It isn’t about spending money but doing the right things at the right time
80% of marketing is understanding the customers needs, identifying with their frustrations and being in tune with where ‘they are’ in the buying cycle

Why should anyone buy from you?
Marketing has been around for over a hundred years, during this time billions have been spent on researching ‘what makes people buy’. Reviewing this research leads you to discover – no matter what the product, country or time – people act in predictable ways, given specific circumstances.

Only get creative when you understand the rules
Marketing is a scientific process, there are fundamental rules which you need to stick to. They work on the latest websites just as they did on the oldest press advertisements. Once you understand the basic principles you have the framework to get creative but the rules must come first.

The 3 T’s - Tailored, Targeted, Timely
Activity drives sales: the more leads and prospects you have the more business you'll close.

  • Develop a compelling sales message - focus on the real benefits to your prospects and point out what is better or different from your competitors.
  • Target the right companies - what size and business type, in which locations?
  • When do they buy or more importantly when do they commit to buy?

Proactive marketing is all about targeting the right people

  • Direct mail – it must pack a powerful punch and not be a 'one hit wonder.'
  • Email marketing - you must have something relevant if you want to get it read.
  • Telesales - if done right your profits will sky rocket, as it will give you more direct contact per day than any ‘on the road sales person’ could achieve.
  • Workshops and events - these educate your buyer and automatically position you as the expert, quickly building trust and rapport.

Reactive marketing is being in the right place at the right time

  • Your website – it reaches out to your unknown audience at a time they are most interested in your services or product.
  • Exhibitions – they put you face to face with a highly targeted audience but you need to be organised to make the most of every opportunity.
  • Referral and word of mouth marketing – these highly cost effective activities get others herding prospects to your door.
  • Networking – a planned approach can help you build opportunities and win more business, more often.
  • Advertising – but only if they are based upon the science of persuasion and have an irresistible ‘no risk’ call to action for you prospect.

Measure - you can’t manage what you can’t measure!
Once you have the information you can make informed decisions. 80% of prospects who make an enquiry end up buying it within 12 months. Typically less than 20% will buy from the company they first contacted. Follow up on every lead - 50% of salespeople don't follow up when they are asked to send literature or call back at a given day or time.

Want to know more about scientific marketing and using a proven sales conversion process?

Quiet Storm® leads the way in the delivery of B2B sales and marketing solutions for small & medium sized businesses. We offer a FREE workshop to explain the science and help you plan your sales process. Find out more about Quiet Storm on our Business Brain Brainstorming listing.

Added: 6th July 2010

Stephen Megson is the Managing Directory of Quiet Storm. They lead the way in the delivery of B2B sales and marketing solutions for small & medium sized businesses. Find out more about Quiet Storm and their free marketing workshop to explain the science and help you plan your sales process.


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