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By Jackie Dunn

What if we can increase our wealth just by doing what we do best ?…. having a ‘nosey’ around our own paperwork and find what’s hidden? You see, all of you Women in Finance just got richer with just a little bit of tweaking, a little bit of imagination and a bit of digging.

You see, YOU do the work and YOU reap the financial rewards. Let me guide you

Know that we ALL have hidden funds (yes, you (and me) included) - come from this place before you do anything else. There are estimated £millions of pounds in dormant Bank and National Savings accounts - some hidden places. And you can find this information quite easily. Try these sources for size.

Forgotten/hidden bank accounts which may be lost service National Savings

Begin to trace your own lost monies from or through the mylostaccount website.

On the Midnight No Panic Sheet you would have received when joining my list, go through your finances, changing the appropriate headings on the Midnight sheet to represent what your finances look like. Do email me if you can’t locate your sheet [email protected] - it makes sense to have the form in front of you/on your computer.

Fill in the blanks with your personal situation - this means getting the paperwork out - best not to get emotionally involved here. Often, we have not looked or handled this paperwork for years. Women in Finance taking greater responsibility - and being all the richer for it.

Check your bank statements - what you are looking for are Direct Debits Standing Orders that have been forgotten to be cancelled. Get curious. Really check closely here. Get in touch with your bank if you cannot easily identify who the payment is for as often an unrelated name shows on the statement. You are looking for your own evidence of your own money.

Now take a look at your electricity and gas Providers. It takes 10 minutes to go to a comparison site on the internet, and get an idea on how much switching might save you.

The information on the  utility bill is provided - how easy is that? So now that you have the paperwork handy, handle it (some people get scared of this) and you will have the information.

Whilst you are at it, take out your pay slips and handle them. Look at the figures and then check your tax code. Quite often, we are VERY pleasantly surprised at discovering that we are on the wrong tax code. Your local tax office are the best people to check - it’s relatively easy, We each have a Personal Tax Code and if you Google this, it will help you decipher your clues about the treasure your pay slip might be hiding

Check your knicker drawer (sorry guys, this is a girlie thing) and other secret places … You are looking to find old premium bond paperwork, bank books etc. Find these and write off to get your details updated. Be your own detective. Get excited about how much you can find/trace/recover.

You see, it is the motivation to look for our hidden treasure and the celebration of being all the richer for being bothered to take this action! You Savvy woman in finance ….. It’s your money and you will be rewarded for doing the work. The benefits are the ripple effect in that you can share with your spouse/partner, children and siblings …. And you can share the method to your friends. Try it for yourself.

I’m hoping that I’ve whetted your appetite to discover that there are SO MANY WAYS which we hide money …… and I can’t cover it all in this article.


Doing nothing! - and you may not be ready to find your own hidden treasures. You may just not have the motivation, faith or time to look and hence delay your increased financial booty. This delay is COSTING YOU SO MUCH MONEY

Paying a financial adviser or financial coach upfront to carry out this audit check – yes, primarily that’s what it is.

My Advice? Be serious with finding your own money - with a client’s openness, yesterday, we found just over £300 per month that SHE HADN’T EVEN MISSED.

Added: 12th December 2012

Jackie, is widely known to be a straight-talking intuitive, getting to the core of the problems that is stopping others reaching their full potential.


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