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Are you spending too much time with poor prospects?

All prospects are not created equally. Some are worth the continued investment of your time, resources and energy, while others will only sap your motivation, as well give you ample frustration . Why do some salespeople give these poor prospects more time than they deserve? Here are a few reasons for you to consider.

The salesperson:
1. Lacks an adequate number of good prospects so spends time trying to turn poor ones into sales.
2. Mistakenly believes that everyone is a good prospect.
3. Doesn't know the difference between a good one and a poor one.
4. Is under pressure to see more people, close more deals, and KEEP BUSY.
5. Believes with enough time, the poor prospect will come around'.
6. Believes that presentation skills or closing ability are the most important sales skills.

What is walk-away power? It is the willingness and ability to say enough is enough and move on to the next prospect. It is that point in the sales process, the qualification portion (coach on deck call), where you discover that this prospect is no longer worth additional time. Keep them on your database and have them receive the newsletters.

I am not suggesting that you walk away forever. Prospect's circumstances can change. Today's start-up can become tomorrow's corporate giant. I am, however, suggesting that you weigh the consequences of spending too much time NOW with a poor prospect. Every hour you spend with a poor prospect is an hour you are not spending with a good one.

Don't waste time on poor prospects, they sabotage your success and attitudes.

Added: 27th September 2010


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