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7 Sins of the Disorganised Firm
By Paul Fileman

How many of these do you recognise in suppliers, customers or (worse still) your own business?

If you only recognise one or two failings in this list in your own business, then you need to work on improving things. If you read the list and keep seeing your business staring back at you, then please get in touch. An initial chat will not cost anything and it might just give you the trigger to make changes in time.

1) No Management

  • No process, systems or procedures.
  • They never call you back.
  • You can only deal with key people.
  • Their people show the signs of dysfunctional teams.

2) No progress

  • Their web-site displays "Under Construction" - forever.
  • Their web-site has out of date information or large gaps.

3) No Payments

  • They pay late - or not at all, unless you threaten to take action.
  • They have no understanding of their cash position.

4) Erratic Invoicing

  • They either invoice late, not at all or incorrectly.
  • And then they seem surprised when they struggle to collect payments.

5) Erratic Supply

  • They cannot fulfil orders effectively
  • They do not understand their work-in-progress, schedule of work or delivery priorities
  • They let their clients down and find building customer loyalty really difficult.

6) Poor Governance

  • They have no process for board meetings or regular review.
  • Their accounting processes are lax or disorganised.
  • They panic over each and every HMRC deadline.

7) They have no plan

  • The lack of any credible plan, direction or other means to ensure that every one is pulling in the right direction makes the other 6 sins worse.
  • The owners’ vision (if there is one) is vague and poorly communicated to the wider business.

Added: 10th December 2010

Paul Fileman is a business results improvement professional, marketer & mentor. He works with businesses to improve their profitability and performance. Find out more about Paul's company Results Zone.


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