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If you want to learn how great businesses operate and why they are so much more successful than their counterparts then you need to get close to the leaders. This area of Business Brain Storming contains interviews, views and the secrets of success of many such business leaders, as they share their expert business advice.

Paul Fileman - Results Zone

Paul Fileman is a business results improvement professional, marketer & mentor. He works with businesses to improve their profitability and performance.

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Stephen Megson - B2B Marketing

Stephen Megson is an expert in marketing of products and services to other businesses. Here he shares the knowledge which has helped many fledgling businesses grow their profits, exceed their targets and even sell the company.

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Christopher J Sherliker - Corporate Law

Chris has particular expertise in the fields of company and commercial law, including business sales and purchases, business development issues, company structures, commercial negotiation, software, intellectual property matters, mergers, acquisitions and disposals, shareholder disputes, management buy-outs, computer law, distribution and agency, franchising and trade marks. He has written and broadcast widely on such legal issues.

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Jonathan Salem Baskin - Brand is Behaviour

As a best selling business author, award winning blogger and global brand strategist Jonathan Salem Baskin shares his insights on every day marketing revealing how it can impact on your business.

Latest article: The Limits of Trust

Mike Southon - FT Columnist & Bestselling Author

Mike built and sold his own company in the 80s and worked with seventeen different start-ups in the 90s. Two of these companies later went public, while three went broke!

Latest article: Time is Money

Paul Dunham - Solutions Engineer

Paul has spent the past 35 years working with companies of all sizes, from business start-ups to global corporations. Helping them increase sales by making their sales and marketing processes more effective.

Latest article: Generating Leads, Brand, Relationships, and Trust at the Same Time

Rob Brown - Business Networking

An inspirational conference speaker and host, Rob's down-to-earth manner, dynamic presentations and knack of making the tough concepts accessible allows his audiences to master the persuasive, influential communication skills and forge the relationships and reputations they need to grow their businesses.

Latest article: Online vs Offline Networking

Peter Smith - Solutions Engineer

Peter has spent the past 35 years working with companies of all sizes, from business start-ups to global corporations. Helping them increase sales by making their sales processes more effective.

Paul J. H. Schoemaker - Entrepreneur

Founder and Chairman, Decision Strategies Intl. Speaker, professor, and entrepreneur. Research Director, Mack Ctr for Technological Innovation at Wharton, where he teaches strategic decision-making.

Latest article: 9 Ways to See Change Coming (Before it Kills Your Business)

Adrian Hobbs - Recruitment Process Made Easy

With over 25 years experience in making businesses more efficient, Adrian Hobbs is a pioneer in lean business modeling, employee development and change management.

Latest article: Important Changes to Employment Legislation in 2012

Jackie Dunn -

Jackie is widely known to be a straight-talking intuitive, getting to the core of the problems that is stopping others reaching their full potential.

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