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No Fear Telesales

By Business Accelerator Academy

Telephone communication skills are essential in business. Whether selling a product, service or simply trying to get an appointment – you, or your people must know how to approach each call to get the best results from the encounter.

Just like any other aspect of sales, this skill can be learnt.

Through understanding and applying the key elements of successful telesales you will become much more effective in all your telephone communications.

This bite sized training course will:

  • Remove the fear from telesales and make every call more effective
  • Help you to prepare well and use the call to gather vital information
  • Demonstrate how to get through to the person you need to speak with
  • Enable you to create a call plan which will keep your prospect interested
  • Provide you with a systematic, scalable and managed approach to telesales

Telesales if done systematically will enable you to learn, adapt and develop your script. Practice will make it feel more natural and you will get better and better at it. However to begin with you must have a plan, set objectives and prepare well if you want to work the ring to be more effective on every call and achieve No Fear Telesales.

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