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Email Marketing

By Business Accelerator Academy

Why you need to use email marketing as part of your business marketing strategy?

The Worlds best salesman (as verified by the Guinness book of records) Joe Girard was a master of keeping in touch with his customers. As a car salesman he sent out a card every month to his customers, including Birthday cards, Easter cards and Christmas cards when appropriate. He was successful because he knew the value of keeping himself at the front of his customers minds when it came to buying their next car.

Keeping in touch is key to growing your business

If you don't keep in touch with your prospects and customers it is likely that your competitor will be talking to them just at the point when they are considering buying the service or product you offer. If you are not in their mind just at that point - someone else will be.

There are three essential components to successful email marketing

1) Put your email marketing system in place

Don't use your desktop PC email application to run your marketing campaign - it is likely to become inefficient as your list grows and it is also likely that your ISP will get upset if you starting sending hundreds of emails. You need is a system that has been designed for the purpose - something that can grow as your list grows, can send to thousands of at the one time and is easy to use. Quiet Storm uses MailBlast software, visit www.

2) Pick your audience and Plan your campaigns

Email enables you to deliver very relevant information to a highly targeted audience but unless the information is valuable to them and written to persuade it will fail.

3) Send at the right times and the right frequency

You must keep your emails in tune with customers specific needs at the time you mail out. Then assess the impact of your email marketing frequency on the activity of those receiving the MailBlast. If it is too high, subscribers will tune out.

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