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If you own or hope to own a small or medium size business or are seeking an ongoing source of practical business advice, this site will prove to be a valuable resource for you.

Other business owners contribute to the site so that you can share their experiences and avoid making the same mistakes they did. Find out what worked and more importantly why.

Plus a FREE business directory listing to help you win business

Your FREE listing allows your company to have an online presence at no cost. If you do not wish to invest in building and managing a website for your business, the Business Brain Storming® website can be developed to incorporate lead generating tools and have your own personalised business web address.

Even if you already have a website, all the keywords, relating to your business will be entered in your FREE listing page and can help you appear in first position in all search engines.

Business Directory

Business Directory

This is aimed at helping other businesses and potential buyers find a company like you. The only way you'll get found is if you complete the registration form as it's completely FREE to advertise, companies are listed according to their location or business sector. We also fight to protect everyone from spam and from time-wasting cold callers.
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Business Books

Business Books

This area is to help you sharpen your business skills and accelerate your learning. Here you'll find a collection the best in business practice, literature and learning. Many titles are also available as audio CD so you can maximise your time
spent in the car.
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Business Events

Business Events

What's going on near you, what exhibitions are taking place, networking opportunities. Keeping your ear to the ground will help you identify new business opportunities, great speakers to advance your understanding on key topics and research potential markets.
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Expert Business Advice

Expert Business Advice

If you want to learn how great businesses operate and why they are so much more successful than their counterparts then you need to get close to the leaders. This area of Business Brain Storming contains interviews, views and the secrets of success of many such business leaders, as they share their expert business advice.
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